Bands4Good Challenge 2014™



Register Now: Adult Open Division

(You must be age 18 or older & not in grades 6-12)

Register Now: School Division

(You must be in school grades 6 – 12 & 13 or older)

2013-winnersThe 2014 Bands4Good Challenge™, presented by Doing Good Network™ ( is an online charity benefit concert that employs a proven strategy of combining music with fundraising. Bands4Good Challenge™ provides aspiring, unsigned musicians in need of exposure and multiple cause related nonprofits in need of funding a platform to participate in a virtual “American Idol” like “donate to vote”, nationwide, social media event.

If you are an unsigned, aspiring solo musician, a garage band, or school ensemble looking for new opportunities for exposure OR an established artist wanting to give something back and change a life with your music, then the 2014 BANDS4GOOD CHALLENGE™ is for you!

Our cause focus for 2014 is to raise awareness and funds for MUSIC EDUCATION! Check out these worthy nonprofits dedicated to keeping music in our schools that will participate and benefit from the 2014 Bands4Good Challenge. We’ll be adding more in the coming weeks!

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Our 2014 Bands4Good Challenge judges have been selected to bring a variety of music industry backgrounds and talents to the judging process.  Our panel includes established, award winning singers/songwriters, musicians and recording engineers as well as aspiring and rising artists.

While the goal of the 2014 Bands4Good Challenge is to raise awareness and funds for the nonprofits which support music education, it’s a serious talent competition as well.  In addition to receiving a weighted value for the funds you raise and total fan votes, you’ll be judged on musicianship, creativity and originality, voice quality, lyrics and overall entertainment value.

Each and every one of our judges are just as passionate about helping you achieve your personal music ambitions as they are about supporting and raising funds for music education.  So, check out our bios!  Get to know us… cause we’ll be providing you with critiques of your work.

So make it your best and… GOOD LUCK!

Co-Founder, Doing Good Network,
Director of Artist Development


Celebrity Singer/Songwriter

Rising Star


2013 Bands4Good Winner & Aspiring Artist




New, indie, up and coming, unsigned singers, songwriters, duos, groups, bands, and musicians of all genres, instrumentation, and styles.


 School Division 
(Must be in school grades 6-12)

Adult Open Division 
(Age 18 & older but not in grades 6-12)

(All contestants must be 13 years of age or older)


Prizes, will be awarded in both divisions in a variety of categories and genres. Depending on the Division you choose, prizes may include career development, vocal/instrumental coaching sessions with industry professionals, sessions in state of the art recording studio, demo CD, inclusion on the Bands4Good 2014 compilation CD, performance opportunities, professional photo shoot, introductions to industry professionals and expansive music industry exposure across traditional and social media outlets.



Your Mission


Register now to claim your spot on the
Bands4Good virtual stage!



Choose a cover song or an original song you’ve written that best represents your musical interests and style from this list of genres:

  • Pop – (Includes:Techno/Punk)
  • Rock – (Includes: Hard Rock/Classic/Heavy Metal/Alternative)
  • Country
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • R&B – (Includes: Blues/Soul/Funk/Carolinas Beach)
  • Jazz – (Includes All Styles)
  • Dance – (Includes: Dubstep/Electronic/Techno)
  • International – (Includes: Latin/Reggae/World)
  • Inspirational – (Includes: Christian/Gospel)


Make an audio recording of you or your band performing your song.




STEP 4:Make a color photo of you or your band. (Make it a good one because this will be the image everyone will see when they go to vote for you!)

Then, once you’ve got your act together, register online while the submission window is open between August 15 and October 30, 2014.


If Selected

2rockersAs soon as you submit a completed Application, the Judges will review it and either advance you into the competition or email it back to you for additional information or deny entry due to failure to follow the Official Contest Rules. Access to a downloadable PDF of the Official Contest Rules can be found at the bottom of this page.

Check the “Schedule” tab above for important dates. Once selected you will be sent an email containing your unique URL which will become your most valuable possession during the Challenge. You will use your unique URL to get votes. Copy and paste it into your email signature, paste it on your Facebook page and every other social media channel you are active on. Give it to your friends, fans, family and classmates (if you are in the School division).

rocker-girlWe will provide you with effective tools and content to run your campaign but, once the Challenge begins, it will be up to you and your supporters to get the word out to as many people as possible to vote for you and donate to your chosen nonprofit either online or mobile.

The competition will progress through approximately 9 weeks with weekly contests and incentives that everyone has a chance to win. As the Challenge comes to an end, the Doing Good Network™ will host a live, streaming music “sing off” among the Finalists. Voting will continue right on up to the last hour.

A promotional plan with an estimated value exceeding $250,000 is being launched to promote the Challenge through many stakeholders and across numerous multi-media platforms. More than 300,000 votes are expected to be cast!


Official Challenge Submission Window Closes in….


The CLOCK IS TICKING, so hurry and submit a performance that will
the hordes of fans just waiting to hear and vote for you!


Submission Window Opened:
Midnight, Thursday, August 14, 2014


Submission Window Closes:
Midnight, Thursday, October 30, 2014


Contest Period Opens & Voting Begins: 
Noon, Tuesday, November 4, 2014 


Contest Period Closes & Voting Concludes: 
Wednesday, January 14, 2015.